ThriftyName has officially launched!

I have officially unleashed ThriftyName out into the wild.

If you want a more detailed breakdown about this project, I suggest checking out the about page.

That's really it...

Terms and Conditions


By purchasing a "brand name" from ThriftyName you agree to the follow conditions:

You are free to purchase as many "brand names" as you desire, so long as they continue to follow the rules listed above.


The "brand name" you receive is 100% yours - forever. ThriftyName will never reuse or recycle "brand names" already created and paid for by other customers. Your name is your own.

  1. But I truly hope that you will! I take pride in the creative names I develop for customers. 

About ThriftyName

ThriftyName is a small, amusing side venture created by me, Bradley Taunt (aka Ugly Duck).

I built this to satisfy my passion for naming products and side projects. Now, instead of having to build out a side project just to give it a cool name, I can simply do that for others!

Why only $5?

Everyone has an angle - a gimmick. I guess the silly price tag is mine.

My original thought process was, "Oh hey, this might bring more attention to my other side projects, blah blah blah". Eventually that faded into the background when I realized how much I love coming up with creative brand names.

So really, the price kind of makes sense after all...


If you would like to shoot the shit, reach out: hello@uglyduck.ca or say hi on Twitter.

Get a Brand Name for $5

Can't think of a good name for your product or service? I've got you covered.

Get a name in 48 hours for just $5.

Get a name now

The Process

  1. You send me your product details and pay $5
  2. I'll email you an original name within 48 hours
  3. You high-five your friends

Bonus: I'll even suggest an available domain.

Are you serious? Just $5?

I never joke about money. Yes - it is just $5 for each brand name you want.

Is this a joke?

I thought the text above was pretty clear...

Although, there are some things to consider:

  • I can't guarantee that you will "love" the name1
  • No "do-overs" or options to get multiple names
  • All sales are final - there are no refunds available

For a cleaner breakdown, I suggest skimming through the very straightforward Terms and Conditions.

Need some examples of products I've named?

You get the idea. Snag a name for your product

Why get a name from you?

I'm Ugly Duck, a marketing designer and developer with over a decade of experience building websites, apps and software products.

I find naming products or services to be one of the most enjoyable and creative processes during the initial start-up phase. I've also found that a lot of indie devs DON'T enjoy this part when they're busy just trying to build out their product2.

So, I felt like this was a great way for me to help.

But enough chit-chat: Get a name now

  1. But I truly hope that you will! I take pride in the creative names I develop for customers. 

  2. Generalized statement. I'm sure there are many developers who love to name their projects :)